The challenges of managing and maintaining large solar assets

Today, a large number of multi-MW solar PV power plants are installed in several countries all over the world. Despite the fact that PV systems are low maintenance, they are not completely maintenance free. Solar is a reliable power source, but solar panels must be actively observed and operated to capture as much of the […]

28 Dec 2018

How to manage a solar site’s lifecycle with aerial data

Very often aerial data capture by drones is associated with solar site anomaly inspection in the solar industry. However, did you know that aerial data can help you manage the entire cycle of your solar site? Surveying Surveying the ground or rooftop of a potential solar site is the first stage where aerial data allows […]

30 Oct 2018

Expanding Our Global Footprint: Sitemark’s operations in Africa

Expanding our global operations is at the forefront of our growth plans here at Sitemark. Our recent operations in South Africa marked the beginning of our presence in the African continent. Here’s a snapshot of our experiences there. The strong demand for renewable energy in the continent is giving way to a projected boost of […]

22 Jul 2018

Top 3 Mistakes Solar Asset Managers Make When Working with Aerial Data

It’s easy to be swayed by the latest technology in the hopes of achieving operational efficiency and maximizing profitability, a key outcome most solar asset managers strive for. Aerial data analytics are one of those technologies helping managers streamline their workflows and better manage their solar sites. What is often the case is managers focus […]

28 Jun 2018

Sitemark Raises 1mio Eur Investment

Exciting news for Sitemark! We’re happy to announce our 1 million Euro capital raise by Chroma Impact Investment. The management team of Chroma Impact Investment were one of “Sitemark’s” early customers in 2017 and having them invest into Sitemark is a huge sign of product-market validation. Additionally, Chroma’s experience and network within the energy sector […]

13 Jun 2018

DroneGrid is now Sitemark

DroneGrid has evolved significantly since August 2016 to where it is today. We are proud to announce a new chapter in our company’s story: DroneGrid is now renamed to Sitemark. We began with a team of 3 people and a clear idea: To provide an enterprise end-to-end drone operations solution that helps customers achieve operational […]

28 May 2018

NSE-DroneGrid Partner for Africa

We are pleased to announce our partnership with New Southern Energy (NSE) part of AtlasInvest, a South Africa based renewable energy provider. This partnership is a perfect opportunity for DroneGrid to further expand its presence and deploy its technology in the African continent. This partnership will help NSE to provide its customers in Africa access […]

15 May 2018

Monitoring One of Our Most Important Resources: Water

We’re proud to be a part of MONOCLE, a Horizon 2020 project that brings together 12 leading organisations from across Europe and Africa to create sustainable in situ observation solutions for Earth Observation (EO) of optical water quality in inland and transitional waters across Europe and Africa. The Challenge of Water Quality Monitoring Water is […]

26 Apr 2018

How we contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Having a positive impact on the world has been at the core of what we do here at DroneGrid. We continue to strive to deliver high quality solutions that help our customers improve their operations. And we also understand the responsibility we have to provide a positive contribution to the world! The United Nation’s Sustainable […]

19 Apr 2018

How Our Team Makes Machine Learning a Reality

At DroneGrid, we pride ourselves with making the ground breaking technology that helps our customers achieve operational efficiency. But our real assets are the people that build the technology to make it happen every single day. Being 16 strong with 9+ nationalities within the team and still growing, we also pride ourselves in being diverse […]

11 Apr 2018

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Solar Site Inspections

Solar asset managers want their sites to be productive and efficient. With the growing demand of solar energy it’s never been more important to regularly inspect solar sites to ensure maximum profitability. There are three primary methods used today and in this post we’re going to show you the key differences between each of these […]

22 Mar 2018

“Being a trail blazer in the industry” – DroneGrid’s First Female Drone Pilot

Our drone pilots are an important pillar of our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. One of these pilots is Lieve van Gijsel, a drone pilot who excels at delivering data quality for DroneGrid’s customer projects. Lieve tells us more about her experience as a female pilot in this very male-dominated tech world. Industrial Beginnings Already in […]

08 Mar 2018

The 4-Step Workflow Every Drone Inspection Must Deliver

After understanding the main requirements for a successful drone inspection, the next aspect to consider for most enterprises is what the actual process looks like. At a high level, a good drone inspection consists of a 4-step workflow starting with identifying the expected outcome and finishing at a data analytics stage where one can evaluate […]

02 Mar 2018

The 4 Main Requirements of a Successful Drone Inspection

When presented with a drone inspection solution, many prospective customers wonder how this particular type of solution will work in practice and what benefits it will bring. Many often wonder whether they’ll need to purchase a drone or if they should train someone to fly it in house. With the fast growth of the commercial […]

22 Feb 2018

Why Drone Pilots Choose to Work With DroneGrid

Our drone pilots are an important pillar of our end-to-end aerial intelligence solution. Primarily involved in the data acquisition phase, drone pilots are key in ensuring that the data quality meets the customer’s objectives. One of our first pilots, Peter Bosmans, tells us about his experience working with DroneGrid and why other pilots should take […]

15 Feb 2018

5 Essential Criteria When Choosing a Drone Inspection Provider for your Site

Drone inspections can help optimize site’s operations and maintenance processes. However, just as with any technology adoption, it all starts with choosing the right solution provider. Here are the top 5 questions to ask your future provider: 1. Scale Matters Can the provider manage rolling out their solution across your entire network? Scaling geographically requires […]

09 Feb 2018

How Anomalies in your Solar Site May Be Hurting your Bottom Line

One of the very important benefits of drone inspections is that they are cost effective and provide a highly efficient solution for solar asset managers. But can they actually impact your site’s emissions and maximize your profit? Here at DroneGrid we’ve been working with key solar industry players, inspecting hundreds of solar sites and this […]

25 Jan 2018

DroneGrid’s 2017 Year in Review

2017 has been a remarkable year for DroneGrid. Our focus on customer engagement and passion for understanding their challenges were at the heart of everything we did. Deploying several hundred sites across 3 continents has set the path for a global rollout in 2018. It has been a year full of great satisfactions and achievements […]

29 Dec 2017

Redefining Workflows and Taking Better Decisions with Drone Inspections

Commercial drones are becoming an essential tool for site inspections. Drones can significantly reduce inspection times while providing reliable data ultimately take better informed decisions. More important than the hardware itself is the analytics it provides: IT platforms designed to provide robust analytics of aerial data are helping industries across the globe to achieve operational […]

05 Dec 2017

DroneGrid Acquires VITO Image Processing Technology

We are pleased to announce our new technology acquisition and joint partnership with VITO Remote Sensing. This technology acquisition will further enhance DroneGrid’s image processing and data analytics capabilities to provide customized solutions for customers within Energy, Mining and Construction. “Few providers in the industry have a platform that is built with scalability and simplicity […]

29 Nov 2017

The Current Challenges of Solar Site Inspections and How Drones Can Help You

There is no doubt the solar energy landscape is on the rise with no signs of stopping. It’s estimated that by 2050, electric power generated by low-carbon energy sources like solar, will account for a quarter of global energy demand. While the increasing demand for renewable energy and falling costs of solar installations are fueling […]

22 Nov 2017

DroneGrid Completes Solar Site Inspections with Engie Laborelec in the Atacama Desert, Chile

In collaboration with ENGIE Laborelec Chile, DroneGrid deployed its Aerial Intelligence Platform to perform automated inspections of solar sites – in northern, Chile. DroneGrid’s platform for solar energy producers creates significant efficiencies across their entire value chain during the construction, inspection and maintenance process. According to Dr. Elias Urrejola, Lead Solar Expert, ENGIE Laborelec Chile […]

19 Oct 2017

Eneco Forms Strategic Partnership With DroneGrid for Solar Inspections

Eneco and DroneGrid entered a strategic partnership for the inspection of solar panels across Eneco’s network in Belgium. Through DroneGrid’s Platform Eneco will streamline the monitoring of the majority of its solar sites and will create efficiencies in the inspection and maintenance process. According to Iwein Goigne, General Manager for Eneco’s Solar Division, “DroneGrid’s solution […]

03 Jul 2017